In October 1887, Mirwaiz Yahya Shah had translated the last siparah or chapters from 98-114, that was known as Nur ul Ayoon.

In 1925, student of the Dar ul uloom Deoband seminary, Mohammad Yusuf Shah (1892-1962) under the tutelage of of an eminent Islamic scholar Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri returned to Kashmir.  He later led the rebellion against the Dogra regime, and was exiled to Azad Kashmir in 1947.

Mirwaiz Yusuf Shah completed his translation in the month of Safr 1377 hijri, that would be in August-September 1957. After the demise of the Mirwaiz Yusuf Shah, his son Maulvi Mohammad Ahmad Shah based in Muzzafarabad, Azad Kashmir took to Radio Azad Kashmir. The daily broadcast by Maulvi Mohammad Ahmad, reciting the Holy Quran in Kashmiri language was popular among the masses in Kashmir.

Later Mirwaiz Farooq published the Koshur Quran in 1989, a year before his martyrdom. It was distributed in the mosques and libraries in Kashmir. It’s also published by the government of Saudi Arabia.

Recently, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq published the digital recordings of the Koshur Quran.

Bayanul Furqan or Koshur Quran as it’s locally known is one of the most renowned literature in Kashmiri Language.

You can also download the Quran in pdf.